This was supposed to be Lloyd Banks’ sophomore album, but due to it leaking it never got an official release. Instead, Banks dropped “Rotten Apple.”


1.The Wait is Over Intro
2.Whip Pussy
3.This is My Hood Ft Tony Yayo
4.A Lil Bit Colder
5.Its Simple Aint it Ft 50 Cent
6.Everywhere You Go
7.It Ain’t A Secret
8.6 Figga Nigga
9.Gettin Money
10.Turn You into A Customer
11.Victim of Society
12.In the Ground Wit Ya Niggaz
13.Nobody Believes Me
14.Yous A Ho
15.If You Aint Holdin
16.This is My Hood
17.Lloyd Banks – Born Alone, Die Alone
18.Anotha Dolla
19.Without My Glock
20.Get Low
21.Why We Waitin
22.When I Was Down
23.Get the Fuck Up Now

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