– Considered a newcomer in the Hip-Hop realm, K Camp has already proven that his inherent talent is capable of crafting catchy hits, and recently the rising star exclusively spoke with VladTV about his decision to drop out of college to pursue a career in the music business, and what it’s been like to have his mother work for him as his manager.

The clip commences with K Camp revealing that while he was enrolled in college for a mere three months, a bold theft of his pricey textbooks forced him to put his aspirations for a higher education on hold. However, the decision helped solidify his choice to pursue music.

When his supportive mother learned of his decision to leave the university for the booth, her initial apprehension was replaced by support for his new direction in life. K Camp reveals, “When she learned that music was what I wanted to do she was behind me 100%.” That devotion also motivated her actions as his “momager.”

Watch the full clip to discover how K Camp’s relationship with his mother evolved with his budding profession as she tackled the tasks of becoming his booking agent, his manager, and then transitioning to her current position as his business manager.