– A Miami Beach police detective was suspended without pay for 160 hours after security camera footage caught him punching and kicking a woman in handcuffs.

Detective Philippe Archer, a 19-year veteran of the force, punched 29-year-old Megan Adamescu in the face and delivered a kick following the woman’s arrest for public drunkenness in June, 2013.

In the incident deemed by officials as an “excessive, unnecessary and unwarranted use of force,” Adamescu can be seen kicking out at Archer before he retaliates with two successive blows.

Archer’s suspension will be served two days a week spread out over three months; however, the detective will not face any charges. “After careful consideration, we concluded that the evidence does not establish a prosecutable violation of the federal criminal civil rights statutes,” the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division concluded at the end of their investigation.

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