– In a short amount of time Skin Diamond has made herself a notable figure in the industry. In this exclusive clip Skin talks about the awards she’s won for her “skills” on film and the issue of STDs in her X-rated world.

“There are a few things that kind of go around,” she states, citing that “a few people will test positive for chlamydia or gonorrhea” but she personally has “never really had anything serious”. Skin Diamond – who has shot scenes “somewhere in the hundreds” – has also done several scenes with Mr. Marcus, who was convicted and jailed for spreading syphilis to several adult entertainers despite him denying the rumors. Skin Diamond says finding out that Mr. Marcus was involved in the outbreak was “a slap in the face” to many, and states that it “was really annoying because everyone liked Mr. Marcus. He’s a nice guy.”

Watch on to hear more from Skin Diamond on “how desperate people can get because the porn industry is dwindling” and how her “passion bleeds through” so much that she’s received multiple awards for several of her sexual techniques. Find out what she’s best at above.