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  1. As for now the issue where I live Fl, just getting it legal recreational here but Florida law makers keep stopping bills so the people can vote on it. They know the majority will vote in favor of legalization, so law makers keep blocking any amendment for it and medical is more expensive than just buying black market weed. Yes I know this about Monsanto. Right now I want them to just STOP 🛑 jailing people who don't have the money to pay for a medical card ever 6 months plus the Dr's visit first. Than, the prices of medical weed are slightly more expensive the black market weed. I just want to be able one day to grow my own personal plants for my own use and Not being a criminal for it.

    I am not a danger to anyone, not myself either. No one. It is absolute BS, that in this same country th we y call the land of the free when some states, sales, growing, processing using is not against the law, but in many other states people are still going to jail for this. Whether or not you're a criminal or a law abiding citizen all depends on where you live in the so called freest country on earth.

  2. Ain't it sad that an earthly substance can produce such contempt amongst those who have no understanding of the subject they condemn??? Makes ya wanna get the world high, no?

  3. Isn't selectively making hybrids creating a genetically modified organism (GMO)? Or does dangerous chemicals need to be involved for it to be called a GMO?

  4. Love the ease of hydroponics no more
    Im studying Aquaponics now if congress was not
    Bought and paid for monsanto would have had thier buiness licsence taken because that company is not serving the public good with irronspocibity even earlier than ddt

  5. DDT was falsely maligned. The "research" about birds has never been replicated and is false. The other poisons? Yeah…messed up. And GMO's aren't bad. Monsanto's abuse of patents is what's bad. But we certainly don't want them being THE player in the cannabis market. Corporate weed is bad enough as it is.

  6. I refuse to support Monsanto. They want to monopolize all of agriculture and sue small businesses into oblivion. Thanks to Capitalism, no one can stop them except you and me through solidarity.

  7. This is why learning how to make your own fertilizers and nutrients is so important
    This is why learning to breed and clone your own strains/plants is so important
    This is why knowing how to feminize seeds is so important
    This is why SUPPORTING YOUR LOCAL FARMS AND GROWERS IS SO IMPORTANT and also them being upfront and honest about what they use to grow

  8. To be fair GMO weed actually sounds like a good idea. GMOs are perfectly safe and we've been consuming them for years. The problem I have with Monsanto is their business practices and monopolization.

  9. this is why im hoping every state legalizes recreational but it stays federally illegal. as far as im aware thats the biggest thing barring large companies like Monsanto and Marlboro from monopolizing the industry

  10. Tell it to the tobacco states that are brawling with Philip Morris, et al, right now.
    They're not going to do it on the West Slice (shout out from the horn of Oregon); we're not perfect on regulation but none of us are going to give those bastards control of anything after what they've been up to in previous markets.
    F John Deere too.

  11. Thanks for the info dude I know alot of people complain about the "negative" about weed but when you think about it how it's grown and what's used on it affects the plant and consumer I'm for home growing so you know what's going in your plants and grow the strains you want.

  12. I hate to say it but most colorado weed is not good for your health. The testing is rigged, dispensaries selling dusty/wet/ gmo weed in order to meet their bottom line.

  13. I would encourage everyone to start saving your seeds now, we must protect the clean genetics of this plant now, before this giant corporation fucks it up for all of us.

  14. Better known as miracle gro. almost all crops grown with fertilizers use them. Also with the ddt they were one of the only companies that didnt fold afterwards, not saying it was right but they weren't the only ones.

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