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  1. Be careful what type of union you form. They are not as great as you would think. They usually start off with good intentions and turn into nightmares. I'm not saying don't do it I understand the power of collective bargaining. But it usually brings more corruption and problems. And it seems in this case the workers gripes seem pretty thin.

  2. Sad that this is so common. To people thinking of or are investing in cannabis stocks, you are giving these companies more money/power over you by quality/what they can charge, workers, taking out the competition from mom&pops shops, and even laws for people to grow their own. Also don't invest in property and reits, giving these hedge funds might make you some money in the stock but you're spending more because these same companies caused property tax, rent increases, purchasing power etc.

  3. Its true.
    Especially in canada.
    Look all the job reviews.
    I worked myself in the cannabis industry and i was suspended for 8 months because i refused the covid vaccines.
    They later payed me to not sue them.

  4. Although I don't agree with unfair work conditions,but from my work experience in retail unions are just as greedy and money focused as the companies that the people they represent work for and are usually in the back pocket of the company anyway It's a double headed sword

  5. i envision an organic dispensary, here in the southern usa, where the great sativa plant can flourish, outdoors. I have faith we can finally neutralize and have a healthy relationship with this plant.

  6. I love it till you seem like if other places aren't safe no problem if it's the same here. Safety is a huge thing for us union workers no matter the industry because they all have their particular challenges. Unions every year mark a day of remembace of those that have died on the job. And then you have those that have been left unable to work because of work injuries. So it's sad you seem to brush that point to the side. I'm in telecommunications so i by no way now the working conditions in your industry. And the break room how about those that bring their food i supposed to eat in my car in the heat or snow? I'm sure they don't want some huge lounge but somewhere to eat and get away from the shop floor. If no break room you then need to buy food every day that's another pay cutt. I understand you never been part of a union and your ingornace of how it's works. I don't mean that as a insult i am ingorant of many things we all are. Maybe you should have a video talking to a union organizer.

  7. Hell yeah Matt. My only 2 cents on the topic is this.

    I don't blame them I used to be a security guard in 2014-16 and most dispensaries were chill but wasn't worth getting shot for the money I was getting… so someone could make $2000+ a day. Hell there was 1 customer from Japan who spent $1000 and bought everything in the store. Anyway Plus at 1 dispensary didn't get paid AT ALL. Id been working almost 2 weeks before bills piled up and threw my badge and said fvck that. I've heard from alot of people not getting paid or crappy work conditions is common. From abusive or excessive work to bud trimming to not getting tips as a budtender.Good for them I support it 110%.

  8. There is release of the problems the medical cannabis that comes to Australia does not even weigh what it mantu Mimosa time it is half a gram under the company said that ok even know their logo says 15 grand and it's like he would be 14 and a half in the Jar

  9. Hey I love your channel and all the info you share on it. I was wondering how did you go about getting the marijuana growing job that you got I am interested in a job like that for myself but am unsure how to go about getting one

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