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  1. Another really dope thing of THC-O is that you can use it enhance flower that's not the best. Say your flower just doesn't have the kind of impact you'd like, you can use it to top a bowl or in something you roll to have a more potent smoke. It also seems to help with dry-er ground flower smoke smoother I find.

  2. I couldn't find any thc-o weed on their site, only disposable vapes. If it's cheaper than weed is the only way I'd buy it honestly. Weed is already cheap as it is and keeps coming down while I get higher.

  3. High to you from me. Today's video was brought to us by Daydreaming. Unfortunately all I can do is daydream about THC-O. Not available in Canada… Yet. Love everything you touch homie. Sending love to Nastiya and Nick.

  4. So was it stronger than the delta 8 9 and 10? N all these other hhc things and hemp based derived legal in all 50 states by accident lmao it seems like this stuff is everywhere and idk if it's tested to be safe for medical use or human consumption as a lot of time when things get mass produced you know better than i even how things get messy by corrupt corps and there's a lot of those out there who dont know the industry but they lead it cuz they can afford to which seemd like a backward messed up way to do things seems it should be the other way around where ppl like you own n run it lol grew up basically doing or at least know how to grow like well. You should maybe sell those skills in like a course or something on how to grow n make your own strain lol. But anyway thanks for the education

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