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  1. Microbes break down organic amendments unlike ready chemical nutrients. When the nutrients are broken down, extra carbon is available to the plant because the micro organisms envelope the nitrogen or whatever nutrient in carbon. There can be 5 carbon chain terpenes 10 chain and so on. Long story short the long chains are better to have. You won’t have as good of luck building these long chained molecules with chemical nutrients. Amongst many other reasons I’ll keep myself from ranting about, please ditch the bottles/synthetics/chemical salts.

  2. Also in synthetics if you don't stop feeding 2 weeks before you cut. They will have left over salts and nutes/heavy metals. In organics the plant will use up all the amendments by the time you chop everytime if you measured right at the beginning and there is little fear of heavy metals and left over salts that would ruin the quality. Lol okay I took a fat dab and im rambling but I am done pleading with my case your honor. I will now let the jury decide. But in the end there is no wrong or right way amigos. As long as you aren't offing the plants and giving people harsh smoke. Cheers

  3. Organics is also easier in my humble opinion because its literally set it and forget it. 2 TBS per gallon of most amendments. Get 6 gal container. Put fresh decent potting mix with enough nutes to last a veg cycle of 30 days. But before transplanting into that 6 or 7 gal add 2tbs per gal of flower mix at the bottom. Don't have to do anything but water till the end… add microbes like recharge or great white periodically until week 4 or 5 of flower. Chop at week 8 or 9 Easiest set up ever. No PH. No constant feeding or measuring just nature and natural biological processes at work. Just indoors where we control the environment under low power low heat L.E.D'S How much easier can it get!

  4. Also in synthetics you are shipping and using alot of co2 to bring what essentially is 90% water, the other 10% being the actual N-P-K. Where in organic methods you can make your own compost/nutrients, have a worm bin and be self sustainable in a years time… for free.. Just my 3 cents

  5. Yes.. synthetics are broken down to the same thing chemically. But in nature there are nuances, quirks and differences that can't be explained and force feeding salts to me isn't natural in anyway. In organics the PLANTS decide what it wants when it wants it.. through microbes breaking down natural nutrients gradually.. like in nature.. since the beginning of time… just my 2 cents.

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  7. I grow in coco and promix with the GH Flora series and could add one thing to your recommendations, some sort of myco/bacteria additive. The growing media not only has no nutrients, it also has no life to help the plant eat. I use FF Microbe Brew because it's relatively cheap but there are others available and, anecdotally, adding beneficials to the media has really made a difference to the health and vigor of my plants. The Floramicro already has calcium and mag so I don't use it but occasionally will low dose with silica which is very alkaline and too much can cause your plant to starve.

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