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  1. I'm an alcoholic, been in recovery for almost 8 yrs. I figured I had been self medicating my PTSD. Before anyone asks no I didn't serve just been through some shit. I can honestly say that w/o cannabis I prob would not be here today. I can't wrap my head around the demonization of the plant. You can see clear evidence of the evils of alcohol, from child abuse, domestic violence, job loss, fights, drunk driving deaths. I can go on and on. The worst thing most people consuming cannabis are gonna destroy is their calorie count for the day

  2. RSO is very powerful stuff, I dab every day, and eating a piece of RSO the size of a grain of rice will completely incapacitate me. Nothing works better on days when my back is hurting or ADHD is especially bad.

  3. Its such a shame somany years this plant has been penalised even today its still fround upon, but I still say score what the laws say if you can grow medical cannabis for your self go right ahead because who's to stop you in the end as long as you keep it personal

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