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  1. I filter out my water everyday because I don't like the smell of the water after it's been sitting there weed water has a bad smell and I just can't stand it I prefer to have that first tasty flower hit of the day to be just that flower clean water no nasty water or butane just all flower taste

  2. Well from my understanding there are good batteries and bad bacteria. I body thrives and coexists with bacteria. Our intestines are filled with bacteria that help keep us safe from our own wast. Scientists refer to this bacteria as a bacteria we coexist with and we have been doing for centuries. So my questions are, “ what is the device measuring exactly? Is it measuring moving bacteria or is it programmed to measure certain bacteria?” “ it says they monitor bacteria but Fail to describe kinds of bacteria. In the testing video the mouthpiece was not wiped after every use. Which doesn’t seem typical of proper public hygiene protocol.” I love weed I just don’t get enough time in the day to enjoy as often as I would but it really saddens me that there is so much hear say and not enough concrete facts. Are we waiting for dinosaurs to come back or something? This pandemic has proven that if given the right attention a safe and Concise determination of cannabis could be provided in as short as an year or two. Thus backing the full legalization of it. Yet they have been studying it for over two years now and still have little to nothing.

  3. Man it blows my mind that you arent bigger than ya are. Probably get comments like this all the time but I just cant get over how well made and high quality your content feels for being such a small channel. I could sit and watch these kind of videos all day so please don't stop anytime soon. Anyway much love from Nova Scotia keep this shit up man you're a legend.

  4. Sharing is not for everyone.
    But my neighbor and i have been sharing water pipes and joints for over 9 years.
    I mean its all up to the users.
    I clean my glass every day, every time i finish using it. At first it was annoying AF to have to put water in it every time i would use it but in time the routine becomes habbit just like brushing your teeth or washing your ass lol…. just stay clean folks

  5. To most people water pipe means something different…. i feel bad for the folks who aren't "hip" to the terms…. I've seen people get kicked out of head shops for asking for a "bong"…. its not their fault that names change and they cant keep up with it…

  6. I clean my bong 3 to 4 times per week and reuse the ISO a few times . The bong is my go to smoking device but I figure rigs need the same care to stay reasonable clean and deliver good tasting hits. Cheers smoking some cheese I grew, smells like roquefort but taste like a fine gouda smooth

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