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  1. i get delivery from the dispensary, im on whats called odsp (Ontario Disability Support Program), weed helps with my autism and anxiety disorder. i dont tip cuz i never really thought about it. but also i nickle and dime everything so i can afford to live lol. but i wish i could the delivery drivers are always really nice. like i know them by name.

  2. Here's the thing tho minimum wage isn't actually livable on it's own. With inflation it should be about 30$ an hour to be reasonable. The average budtender salary is around 20$ an hour, which is barely livable and may not be depending on state. As much as I wish workers would just get paid fairly, saying "they make enough" is not a realistic argument against tipping.

  3. I don't have a bud tender so I'm not sure if I would tip. However I don't like tipping I'm not going to lie they should put the damn thing on the bill if they can't afford to pay their employees so that way you know what you're paying there's a lot of countries that don't even allow tipping so there's my opinion put it on the bill so that I know what I'm going to pay and don't expect me to make up my mind about how much money I'm going to tip and I've had pizza delivery drivers tell me they're not going to deliver unless I tip them I've actually had that happen over the phone so there you go people think that they're owed the money and I don't agree.

  4. Luckily, I get paid over minimum and get tips. Thank y’all that do. I don’t expect it, shit I didn’t have it when I went in so whatever I leave with is honestly a bonus. As a budtender, I tip the ones that have knowledge of the plant or simply bring the energy. Obviously less for the latter but still something nice especially if I’m having a bad day. Not everyone has the same level of knowledge or you don’t connection with your patient/customer, try not to let that phase you. If it’s BAD BAD tell em what’s up to help them get that tip, that alone is a big tip. If it’s great hook it up with love, not because you feel you have too.

  5. Look, if your bartender was actually educated in his or her job then that would be one thing but I’d say a big majority of bud tenders you ask hey what’s fire
 they put you under some bullshit so typically I ask him what’s fire and then at least I know what not to fux with 😂

  6. Tipping culture has got way out of hand. Tipping is something that should never have taken the form it currently has. If someone is relying on tips to survive then their employer is thief! This goes for restaurants, coffee houses and yes, weed stores! If you own a business and your employees are asking for tips then you SUCK, with a capitol S U C K! I am a pro musician, and yes we get tips, sometimes lots of tips and hey, tips are awesome, but thank god I do not rely on tips, I make sure each one of my guys is making a decent amount without tips, tips are just a bonus as they should be for everyone, not just musicians and youtubers!

  7. bro u CANT legally tip a bud tender ANYWHERE legit in any good shops i ever been to .ESPECIALLY in canada so if u even try to tip 1. its illegal and 2. you look super dumb …….no hate jus fr and i woudlnt tip anyway at all cuz most shops here sell so many products i dont even trust any bud tender to know half a f what they smoking ESPECIALLY concentrares right bro i mean if they sell alot less prodcuts and its owner manager or a1 employee that knwos whats up (rare right) then yeah i mean if could toss them tip sure but u DEF cant even think of that in canada lmao i mentioned i smoked a bong an hour ago and one store wouldnt sell to me lmao and i even walked there

  8. i don't tip. the dispo i go to is online orders and drive thru only. its like a fast food place for weed, which is kinda nice because it makes it quick. Also, never tipped my drug dealer. Why would i tip a budtender?

  9. "I worked as a budtender, no one's tipping" then he says "if you don't tip you'll be given weird looks and known as the guy who never tips". It sounds like HE was never tipped as a budtender and he's hurt that others are tipped

  10. I do tip when supporting BLAQ businesses who work to build the Communities that have been devastated by the (STILL CURRENT) WarOnDrugs, and I try to support them at EVERY POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY. This EXcludes any blak-owned entities that align with performative allLIES.
    Dude is entitled to that opinion — but nah, I'm not following a sociopath (hence, his countless contradictions INCLUDING a few you missed). … But thanks for the invite.

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