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  1. This channel has a lot of subs but is still so underrated been a fan for a year maybe a lil longer watched season 1 of story time season 2 and 3 and 4 and all so far in 5 loved every single vid keep pushing the content man

  2. Hey Thomas I don’t smoke anymore and haven’t for nearly a year so most of the content doesn’t appeal to me anymore but any time you’re talking I love to hear it. You’ve been here for me for roughly 5 years and you’re the only content creator I consider a friend. I have a love for you as a person and I will continue to listen to you speak. I like to watch interviews and podcasts episodes of people telling their story and even random thoughts they have. It’s cool to me that I can get an opportunity to tune into someone else’s life prospective and that’s why I’ve always had a love for you because you bring me to you. Obviously we can’t see exactly what someone else is experiencing but I like to think of it as giving someone respect and listening to what someone has to say in whatever way they want to promote it. When the most recent house tour video came out and the Ted talk it made me cry. It’s truly been beautiful to witness a human operate and progress such as you. Keep talking 🤝❤️

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