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  1. He is such a strong person and can be proud of himself. Remarkable that he always found the engere to become a better version of himself and continuously become more self-aware.
    I wish him and his wife all the best. He definitely deserves it

  2. "I can't be responsible for how people perceive my videos" is one of the most naive and ignorant things he could possibly have said. What he is doing is not only dangerous to himself, but is egregiously dangerous to the young audience that watches him. He is essentially trying to suggest that a couple of people saying it is amazing how much he can eat, outweighs people with genuine eating disorders saying his videos have made their disorders worse. That is very irresponsible.

  3. Classic case of self-harm. He's an addict and is behaving no differently than a meth addict or any other addict who's a slave to their addiction. It's painful to watch someone kill themselves slowly over time. May you find peace and rest in the next life, if not in this one.

  4. I love Erik and I use him as a cardio motivation. That being said, I know the positive and negative impact of this kind of content on the internet. But at the end of the day, I am an adult, I know that I do not need to eat like him or overwork myself either. If ever I am triggered, I stop watching him and go back when I miss his content. This "hoopla" about I am soo trigerred blah blah blah.. just dont click and watch his content.

  5. Nice guy but yuuuuckkkkk … I feel sorry for him …such an unhealthy relationship with food .. and the end .. where he throws up .. yikes .. not good .. I wonder if he vomits it all up after each vid ??

  6. This whole video is just glorifying thinness, eating disorders, and fatphobia. The only reason why this man is being used as the poster child for this kind of video is because he's thin. It's also incredible how this man can stay thin and have good bloodwork despite eating hundreds of thousands of calories and people just encourage him, but if you're fat then you must be doing something wrong and you must be unhealthy and we're going to harass and abuse you until you conform to thinness. It's almost as if genetics plays a huge part in someone's body weight. Who would have thought!

  7. I should make the opposite of food eating challenges, most days I'm lucky if I can eat once because of my disease. Put a whole plate of food in front of me and unless I smoke I can not eat.

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