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  1. Wats up mrthc!! I fuk with u bro!! I love how things are going really good for you man!! Ur always blessing people and been doing it since the beginning. Bro my life has gotten so bad lately and I've been keeping it pushing but most days I contemplate suicide so when I watch ur videos and see how great things are going for you because of your attitude on life it makes me feel so good!! U deserve this and so much more. I mean that bro!! For decades it's like the coolest thing to people is being disrespectful. Stay safe bro!! Much love and respect!!

  2. Nice bro! Remember when you were going through it just when you found out you had daughter on the way,your car got smashed,yt was messing with you & you weren't sure about alot of things!You stayed on your grind bro,didn't give up & became a stronger man! Cheerz Louis❤️from🇨🇦…..wish I could try all the fire you've been putting out😔🙃

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