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  1. CBD treats has worked wonders. They just sleep if we are inside. Unless it's a big bang. I'll have to try the melatonin.
    Unfortunately my one dog was scared for a week after 4th of July to go outside after dark.

  2. My mums dog is in a bad way. She was off her food last week, tired and not her usual self at all. My mum had her at the vets on Saturday who said there was nothing wrong with the dog but my mum demanded blood tests and they said the results would be here on Wednesday . My mum had a gut something was not right and took her back to the vets today as she’s a 6 year old bouncing cocker spaniel who is crazy with energy and loves life, reduced to being unable to even jump out the car and walk and not eating. The bloods came back in today thankfully and said that her liver function isn’t right, she also has paralysis in her right paw. They have run further bloods and she’s now having fluids via IV. The results come in tomorrow for the further blood tests but we don’t know what to expect. We are all over the place emotionally and I know this will knock my mum so much if anything happens to her pet rosy. What could this possibly be? Does anyone have any ideas?

  3. Thank you, Doctor. Two of our fur babies hate the sound of gunfire and they become extremely distressed. Out here in the bush in Queensland, it is impossible to avoid, as hunters come though at any given time.

    I am really grateful to you for sharing this information to everyone.

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