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  1. Yup I didn’t sterilize or vaccinate my current Furbaby and he’s been the healthiest of all of my dogs I feed him salmon and sweet potato based dry food and give him deep sea 6 fish oil tablets and home made doggy cookies that I bake for him and I give him filtered water yeah it’s worth it he never gets sick and when he does I treat him holistically

  2. I almost lost my dog due to a vaccine. I put a stop to that and all the other chemicals poisons that go in/on them. There is no need. If your vet does not agree to your holistic choices, find one that does. Only every feed a raw balanced diet, never any dry kibble crap. Also filtered water, not from the tap. Same applies for cats😻
    Your pet will live longer.
    LoveU Dr Jones ❤️🤗🙏

  3. I wish you lived in my location. I have tried so many vets over the past 10 years after my vet was bought by one of the big conglomerates. Never been the same and all the want to do is Medicate and surgery. I honestly believe vax killed my sweet boy (cat). He had a terrible reaction to a vaccine and never was the same and passed away of liver cancer 5 years later of liver cancer. No more vax for any of my pets!!! I’m following a more natural way of care and food for my pets. It’s more work but I believe they are healthier for it. ❤ Thank you for all you do! I love your videos and advice.

  4. LOL! You know, it isn't your vets business what you feed or what vaccines you give. They always ask like it is their business. It isn't. There is only one vaccine required by law. RABIES. The rest are YOUR choice. Stop being a dish rag at the vet. Stand up and say NO.

  5. Our vet is open (and even encourages) alternative medicine ❤️ the only difference is that she discourages raw feeding but only bec of possible improper handling of some pet owners

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