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  1. you're absolutely right about where that bud it grown on the plant itself will determine its potency. the top cola is always the most potent so if someone is taking a sample from that and sending it off to a lab, I can see how the test results would show that high of a number. Kind of skews the results though but I don't think there's currently anything stopping companies from skewing their testing like that so it's hard to 100% tell.

  2. In Germany, the highest you can currently get is 29% THC cannabis from the pharmacy. I believe these values ​​(+/- tolerance X). I wouldn't believe the information on conventional cannabis, but there are also affordable test devices for THC & Co that work….

  3. It's 37% thc content, not 37% of the total weight of the herb. Many straight down lie, as you mention. Most really don't go beyond 15-20% THC. Some can reach 30-40% tho.

  4. being 100 percent bro you don’t post enough and you don’t post long enough videos to even truly enjoy 6 minutes is how long it takes me to pick a video let alone try and smoke to.

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