4 Tips for How to Get Your Business in the CBD Marketplace

4 Tips for How to Get Your Business in the CBD Marketplace

The hemp-derived CBD marketplace is worth hundreds of millions in the U.S. People are seeking high-quality hemp-derived CBD oil for sale, and your business would do well to stock it. Finding high-quality hemp-derived CBD products at wholesale prices and quantities can be difficult, and it’s a huge opportunity with the right partner. Here are four tips for how to get your business in the CBD marketplace:  

Choose Quality Hemp-Derived CBD Products 

CBD has two possible sources, hemp and cannabis plants. For a variety of reasons, hemp-derived CBD is often the preferred option for both those who sell hemp-derived CBD and those who enjoy it. Beyond those factors, however, there is a good reason you should choose hemp-derived CBD—legality issues. While hemp-derived CBD now enjoys legal status virtually everywhere, subject to state regulations, the same is not always true for the alternative.  

There are two varieties of CBD distributors. There are those that attempt to quickly capitalize on the CBD wellness trend with mediocre products and there are the conscientious, dedicated hemp-derived CBD wholesale suppliers who pride themselves by offering pure, high-quality, and potent CBD products. Always choose a supplier that is U.S. Hemp Authority-certified and practices rigorous third-party testing. 

Partner with a Wholesaler Offering a Variety of Product Options 

Hemp-derived CBD enthusiasts come from virtually every walk of life. Responding to their preferences and priorities means choosing a wholesale CBD supplier that offers a wide variety of hemp-derived CBD products. Those products may include: 

Full spectrum, broad spectrum, and 0% THC isolate hemp-derived CBD products Hemp-derived CBD oil tinctures Hemp-derived blends of CBN + CBD tinctures and or hemp-derived CBD + CBG tinctures Hemp-derived CBD gummies Hemp-derived CBD capsules Hemp-derived CBD topical products Hemp-derived CBD vape products Hemp-derived CBD products for pets 

Ask for Educational Flyers and CBD Marketing Content 

Chances are that you will likely not be an expert on every hemp-derived CBD product sent by the wholesaler you choose, nor are your customers likely to be. Be sure to choose a supplier that offers educational flyers and CBD marketing materials to help educate your consumers. Display these materials on your shelf signage and product racks. 

Choose a Supplier with Quality Customer Service 

The skyrocketing popularity of hemp-derived CBD means your business may partner with a CBD supplier for years to come. Ensure that your hemp-derived CBD business partner provides friendly, helpful support and customer service. A good indication that your supplier meets those criteria could mean that they assign a dedicated sales rep to your business. 

Learn more about partnering with CBDistillery™ for high-quality CBD by reaching out to us. Fill out our CBD Wholesale form to get in touch and get CBD on your store shelves today.

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