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  1. Can you please make more videos with ogee? I just saw your review of ice glass with him, and it was great seeing both of you together. It had been a minute that I’ve seen your vids, sorry cuz. :/
    I got a plug play in yesterday, never tried one and I had to see your vid on them in honor.

  2. love you YOLO bro sorry I've been a little bit busy lately haven't been able to watch YouTube as much as possible but I'm catching up now only a few videos behind but yo the dopest kid let's go can't wait to meet you in person one day bro it's crazy knowing somebody for almost 5 years through social media and wanting to meet them one day it will be epic

  3. dawggg this tha shi i love frfr. keep droppin shi like this brodie i love jus seeing a bunch of tha homies fuck around and smoke up😂✔️

  4. happy 420 from riverside Yola, big fan for the past 3 years, killed it with the live man i hope y’all had a ton of fun, thank you for the content and stay safe

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