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  1. I have been using DE for YEARS. Make sure ya'll understand there is food-grade and industrial grade. When you are using for pets or humans, always use food-grade. It is also tasteless so you can simply add to water, juice, tea, coffee, etc. And even adding it to your pets water too!

  2. I appreciate you so much Dr.Jones. I do add DM to my dogs food for 1 week every 2 months. My guys are 14 and 13 year old Yorkies. They have developed a few warts. Can I apply DM to warts?

  3. Could diatomaceous food grade earth be used to rub into the fur of a pet mouse to avoids the many issues hamsters & mice get such as lice mites or worms? Would it harm them? Could it be added into their bedding? Thank you

  4. Okay, there are two things missing from this video that I HAVE to say, especially considering you're a licensed veterinarian and not mentioning this is REALLY BAD.

    First: The FDA has ruled that food grade diatomaceous earth is a GRAS [generally regarded as safe] labelled substance. IT IS NOT COMPLETELY SAFE FOR CREATURES THAT BREATHE AIR. SAYING THAT IT IS COMPLETELY SAFE IS EXTREMELY MISLEADING AND BLATANTLY FALSE INFORMATION. Diatomaceous earth is only "safe" if the proper grade [Food Grade DE] is being used, and additionally when it is NOT BEING BREATHED IN. That being said, MOST veterinarian websites on pet health and wellness tell you NEVER TO PUT THE FINE POWDER IN YOUR CAT'S FUR BECAUSE THEY COULD POTENTIALLY BREATHE IT IN WHILE GROOMING THEMSELVES, THEREBY HURTING THEIR OWN LUNGS. The reason being is that repeated lung exposure to FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH can cause a serious lung infection called silicosis, which is an INCURABLE LUNG DISEASE. Therefore, putting it on the OUTSIDE of your pet's body is a BAD IDEA, unless they are CONSTANTLY WEARING A RESPIRATOR every time they lick or bite themselves.

    Second, putting diatomaceous earth in water has been proven to REDUCE THE EFFECTIVENESS of the powder as a pest control. The BEST WAY to use it for flea prevention, deworming, and tick prevention it to mix it in with their/your food. You would have to consume more than the recommended dosage, if you wanted to use it as an effective pest control and consume it with water. This I have learned from personal experience. It took much longer for my mother to control her kitten's tapeworm infection when she put the DE into the kitten's water. Once she moved to putting it on her food instead, the infestation died off much quicker. I have personally seen to the deaths of several flea and deer tick infestations, using this same dry food method with my own cat, as well. We do use natural peppermint and lavender oil flea collars now, as a preventative measure, but adding a little DE to their food, every now and then, helps to keep away and minor infestations that sprout up when new eggs hatch in the spring.

  5. If you have multiple dogs would it be safe for them to smell eachother after putting it on their fur? After fully brushing it of course.

  6. One very important thing: IT MUST BE FOOD GRADE DE! Do not get the stuff from the lawn and garden store and then try to imbibe that and use it on/in your pets… that could be toxic.

    But I personally have been imbibing FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth for years now. I usually put it in my coffee, but it doesn't taste much like anything, really. It has helped me tremendously in terms of my tendon issues and my back/joint pains. I firmly believe that it is the main reason that I was able to correct my plantar fasciitis that I had in both feet…. which was utterly excruciating.
    Also great for chelating heavy metals and anything that is positively charged. Just make sure not to mix or stir the DE in or with any metal as that will apparently negate the negative charge that the DE has naturally and there for it will not be effective for chelation purposes. It also kills parasites in both us and our pets. And supposedly it can even help clean out your arteries and your colon.
    I also use it for flea treatment around the house and on my animals. It also works for ants and pretty much any small thing with an exoskeleton. It can be very messy though and will kill vacuum cleaners so if you have a shop-vac, I'd recommend using that for clean up. Also you do not want to inhale much of the dust as it can cause irritation and respiratory problems in both us and our pets. You also must take in more water when imbibing as it is an effective desiccant and will dehydrate you and your pets otherwise.

    And since I am starting a garden I also plan to use this in the garden to ward off pests there too. 😉✌

  7. Thank You so much for sharing your knowledge. (obviously I applied it)
    My darling Labrador chocolate Puppy farm/Mill survivor happened to live to the age of 16 and half years.
    Rather incredible, considering the abuse that she had been through, giving birth to, over 100 pups before the tender age of 6.
    Diatomaceous Earth really helped her, even at 16/2 years she could still get up and move around by her self, It has also helped one of my other Labradors be free from leg surgery.
    Thank You so much for caring

  8. I would really like to try this with my cat she has fleas at the moment and I would also like to use it as a dewormer as well. My only concern is shes only 7lbs if I give this to her in the food how much do you think would be alright? I was also curious about how much to put on her coat? Cause being a cat shes going to lick it off so I don't wanna overload her lol

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