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  1. Not gonna lie, that does not look good at all. She barely used any cheese at all and the cheese is clumpy. Not creamy whatsoever. Not only that she made a completely different dish from cacio e pepe. She said it herself, cacio e pepe means cheese and pepper so why did she throw in half a stick of butter?

  2. I can’t believe adding Parmesan cheese too a pan when the pasta/pan is that hot literally boiling. real Italians wait until the pasta is much cooler so the cheese does not get stringy and clumpy. The only thing keeping this sauce emulsified is the excess amount of butter which is not in classic. But I’m just a simple 👨 man.

  3. Dont'want to sound like a pretentious person, but the callenge of making cacio e pepe is making a cream which does not form filaments. The cheese has to be hot enough to blend in with the water starch, but it must not melt. Cacio e pepe is literally about that. You get some boiling water, let it cool for a minute and mix in the cheese with some pepper. After turning off the water you take out the pasta and mix everything with the stove turned off. Sounds easy, but it took me five or six times to get it right. Using butter is simply cheating, as the butter does not form filaments which somewhat ruin(?) the dish, and it alters the original taste of the recipe.

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