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  1. I purchased Lysine chews today for my feline family for allergies, eyes, itching. Than I read about Oregon grape. Are both together okay. Or is it not necessary? Happy this led me to your page! My cats are a family, from the same mamma. They turned eleven in may. Its been eight years, no veterinary visits! Big fan of coconut oil and colloidal silver if they seem funky. I also do reiki.I appreciate you! Please elaborate on chamomile and honey treatments for my cats

  2. My dog finished a round of anabiotic’s and still has cough although the doctor didn’t hear anything as long as I’ve been giving him I have a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and ground garlic powder and his food and he continues to sell their soul off the little raspy and his breathing so I’m going to try this Group Seed drops to add to his drinking water with some chicken broth! Thank you so much for sharing and I’ll also go get some dandelion from sprouts and start making some tea and adding it to his food to see if that will speed up his recovery never hurts to have natural remedies and he could use increased Greens his diet in his diet

  3. Hi Guy's. I have a white little dog and she is orange around her face, also where she licks herself regularely on her paws, any ideas what I can do about this, as it makes her look scruffy.

  4. Oregon grape is an amazing plant. I also heard about it in my herbal book. We have one on our property. I wished we had some herb grinder machine to pulverize it. But we can make a very strong concoction and pour it into cooked rice together with chicken flavor. Administering the herbs is always the biggest problem. Ha. I am so super grateful for your videos because my husband does not listen to me at all. But he is listening to you. :0)

  5. Dr. Andrew I just went through all of your videos, and I couldn't find one to help me about this one particular thing. My dog has a little growth on her bottom eyelid almost looks like a black mold, or if you had a stye. She has had it for about 4 years now, and it's getting a little bit bigger.Could you make a video on something like that. Or just tell me what it is.
    Oh… it's black because she's black, and it doesn't bother her. I would greatly appreciate it. Blessings❤

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