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  1. I have my dog which is a Boxer/Dalmation mix on a Quercetin/Colostrum/Calendula all in capsule form supplements that I rotate giving him. Meaning Quercetin Monday,Thursday and Sunday. Colostrum Tuesday,Friday and Sunday. Calendula Wednesday, Saturday and Monday. Will this be effective in controlling his skin issues and leaky gut?

  2. hi doctor Andrew, i hope you see this, i just rescued a small kitten almost dead outside my house i waited for the momma but it seems like she wouldn't come back, so i took the kitten i showered it and put flea medicine on it, the kitten has sticky discharge from the eyes and the nose, the eyes are bloodshot, and the kitten wont eat i have a bottle i tried water milk and even canned food the cat doesnt look older than two or three weeks ive been giving it water but the kitten keeps spiting it out. im worried it wont make it

  3. My dog was given metacam when she was just 6 weeks old for a fractured pelvis. She is now 6 months old and has really sensitive skin and has localized demodectic mange that i'm concerned will become generalized if her immune system continues to dip – the vet put her on cephalexin and betagen topical spray. Having been given these drugs at such a young age, I'm concerned about her immune system – especially after the antibiotics. I give her yogurt and fish oil and feed her grain-free kibble (planning on switching to raw after she has recovered). After watching this, I think colostrum would probably be really beneficial – i've been looking for immune support supplements for her. Thanks again for these insights!

    And oh boy do those dogs look happy! Ahh, to have the life of a farm dog!

  4. Where is your product list?  Do you sell directly or do you sell through distributors and pet stores?  Ordered your book from Amazon so it will be here in 2 days.  In the meantime, may I get the link to your store/products?  I would like to get this product for my dog who needs to lose weight [about 3-4 pounds] and to increase his immune system.  He is about 13 and a male [neutered] Pom.

  5. hi Andrew. I have recently found you and started watching your videos. I was wondering if I could get your help on something? one of my dog's has been making a very strange noise for quite some time. I'm not sure how to describe the noise other than a cross between a cough and a pigs snort? when it happens, it could carry on for 30 seconds, or a couple of minutes , but then it stops. It used to be occurring once in awhile like only a couple times a week. we are at the point now where it happens a couple times a day , on average like 3 or 4 times a day. when I first told my vet it, he was sure it was caused by allergies, because he also sneezes a lot. I then took a video of my dog making this noise and showed it to my vet, he looked a little stumped by it but still seems to think it is caused by allergies, however he doesn't seem to be totally convinced about that. He told me to give my dog Benadryl every 4 to 6 hours. I have been giving my dog Benadryl , but I can't seem to tell whether or not it's helping. I just saw that you have a video about honey helping allergies in a dog so I am going to watch that because I would rather do things the natural way. however I am not even sure that this is actually an allergy issue and it's starting to make me nervous. Is there a way I would be able to send you a video so that you could see and let me know what you think?

    I would also like to get both of my dogs on some natural supplements for their health as it is. I am a 100% believer in doing everything the natural way and I do not like giving my dog Benadryl a couple times a day. Our other dog had heartworms a couple of years ago and we decided to treat her completely naturally. When I told the vet that we did not want to treat her their way, but instead chose to treat her the natural way, they pretty much laughed at us. 17 weeks later she was completely heart worm free!

    just let me know if there is a way for me to. I would love to get your opinion on what is causing this noise he is making. Thank you so much!

  6. Would colostrum from goats be as beneficial for dogs will allergies and IBD?  Also, I see most are dosed as milligrams…how many milligrams for a 16 pound dog and how  many times daily?  Thanks so much!

  7. Thanks for your videos! You're my" go to " Veternarian. I appreciate your honesty and the Ultimate Canine has help my dogs tremendously. One has cancer and I started him on it and other than the tumor he seems to get better and better.. At least he sure seems to be feeling better & happier.

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