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  1. What a trip this vid! No idea how I ended up here Yyoutube knows me too well, I was just watching Delta Parole Music Videos like usual and now I am here and getting hungry for this. Time to eat after I watch. lel

  2. And now I know what my Mission is in Life. To Experience this sort of "Pancake Nirvana". Those Pancakes I would easily drop 25-30 Dollars on even though I know she said they were only 7 / 10 in her opinion. You may say to yourself 'Self why would this guy pay a ridiculous price for Pancakes' well it's because that particular style she just made is something I have never experienced before or seen for that matter. I've seen "Big Pancakes" which were basically just Bisquick but what she made was something different and I'm sure the texture and taste was something that is worth it.

  3. Most chefs ive come across do not want a person like this in their kitchen. My old chinese chef would say " this a restaurant not a show, get to work" . but then again this is a show.

  4. Emily is the Empress of any kitchen. She looked up the sizes of shot glasses to get some type of measuring system. She jerry rigged forks to make a whisk. The ultimate problem solver. Is she married cuz…😍

  5. Nothing wrong or really 'tiny' about the kitchen. It's just that the chef is all over the place and disorganized.

    Making pancake mix from scratch isn't that difficult.

    3-Star Pancakes, 2-Star Kitchen, 1-Star Chef.

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