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  1. It’s so cool to see how not only you’ve grown but your companies too! you’re a huge impact on my life you remind me to keep it pushin but also to have fun. much love thomas fr

  2. The first time I watched you was the 75 gram cross joint and it’s so crazy how far you’ve came man can’t believe it glad to see the business is doing really well mad love for you and your team❤️

  3. Just love how u keep on pushing out the content pushing out these bad ass items can’t wait to give ‘em a try !
    Rolo1k BTW white widow packaging SICK 😷

  4. @jonathanroskin. Massive fan from the UK. I have watched all the videos either on my own or with the boys. We love the channel and the hussle. Seeing you grow all the channels and the businesses is crazy and all props to you bro. I feel like I know every story time. Love the hard drug confessions and the deals gone wrong videos the best.

  5. Bro I bought a bunker cone piece because of you, my bong stays waaaaaay cleaner now. I appreciate you

    Also white widow was the first strain I smoked and will forever be one of my favourites fr

  6. @benji20_04, You inspire me and my friends everyday to truly be ourselves and not be afraid to pop out of our shells. Thank you and Rosie and the whole crew for everything. Y'all are the Dopest 🤙🏽!

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