#642 | Twitter Voters Say Elon Musk Should Step Down as CEO – The Dr. Greenthumb Show


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  1. 49:17, Data and facts, Uruguay was the only one to win the 2 gold medals in football (world championship) 1924-1928, at that time the FIFA World Cup did not yet exist and the Olympic medals were the highest trophy in football, they also won the first world cup of the 1930 held in Uruguay, winning the final against Argentina. His last world cup won against Brasil in Brasil in 1950, better known as "El Maracanazo" final.

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  3. Elon will give twitter users more freedom, instead of them being banned all the time ,just because they state facts or opposing views ..I think he should reinstate Ye with an apology …I don't support any suppression of free speech ..even it's repulsive , or disagreeable to you ..This is America ..people better look what we got before we lose it all …These boys here would not have a platform so grand & broad without the 1st Amendment

  4. Director: "Yo Tom we got the green screen now you don't have to really jump off a plane"
    Tom Cruise: "Fuck that. If I could fly it and jump at the same time I would now go get the plane ready"

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