#646 | Xmas Show! – Tory Lanez Guilty in Shooting of Megan Thee Stallion – The Dr. Greenthumb Show

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00:00 – Lounge 34:04 – Show Start 1:36:30 – Submissions 2:05:28 – Opening the Doors to the Insane Asylum (Comments & Super …

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  1. I am laughing so hard due to the fact that b real will not let you and Steph tone do balloons on the show but will be so openly to talk about Bobo's Thailand pussy experience😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Since I've been watching these Dr. Greenthumb shows every holiday season I really look forward to these holiday shows every year now. Man I love the sweaters! I loved the llama and also the holiday llama sweater B-Real was rocking. I really enjoy all the discussions when it comes to Christmas that come up and got to say you guys get me even more into the holiday spirit. Thanks everyone for doing this kind of show!

  3. A little sidenote to the shroomies out there.
    Listen to "Epic Christmas songs" or Epic Christmas Carols, from YouTube, when your on mushrooms 🍄😏
    That will get you in the right spirit 🧑‍🎄☃️🥰
    I promise 👏🎁🎄
    Merry x mas 🧑‍🎄

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