#647 | Discussing Social Media Bans & Getting High AF with Koala Puffs – The Dr. Greenthumb Show

How To Grow Weed 420

00:00 – Lounge 37:21 – Show Start 1:36:37 – Submissions 2:07:15 – Opening the Doors to the Insane Asylum (Comments and …

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How To Grow Weed 420


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  1. Saw the video on Instagram of the "Bowl display rig" that koala made before I knew what was what. Very much enjoyed this show, good vibes all around💨💨💨 sorry I couldn't catch it live, had to work unfortunately…

  2. theres too many anonymous minors on the internet for youtube to filter your video through. they just cant possibly monetize you with the risk of their website promoting cannabis to minors

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