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  1. I like the fact on this show everyone gives their condolences. It's crazy those who have passed away already this year! I really enjoyed the conversation about schooling and education in general. The submissions sure give you great recipe ideas like oh man those glazed pears. I also so would love to see Dave Chappelle on this show one day!

  2. I believe Dr. Dre did not sell 'master' recordings; he sold rights to his earnings: writer's royalties as a composer & as a lyricist. Example: Snoop Dogg purchased the Death Row master recordings (audio). Dr. Dre forfeited those to Suge Knight (Death Row Records) when he left in 1996. This explains the $250M asking price for his catalog (i.e. his writer's shares).. but I could be wrong of course

  3. Inhabited, bobo dressed like a G!!! C note lok'd down… En best show on the planet!!! Dr. Dre, hook up a hit or 2, I'd probably die trying to smoke with you, someone should vote on that shit homes!!!

  4. Music is expression, they try to math it up but the roots are beyond quantification. The spectrum of light in the atmosphere is magnificent and varied, but we assign colors and say they accurately describe it, but we aren't equipped to even see it all or the real colors when it's all combined and viewed through eyes that can see it all. Indigenous music makers don't make music using math, some may try to describe it with math but it was feeling and soul that wrote it not numbers. The desire to quantify limits perception. Think beyond, feel openly, seymour Buhtz

  5. Evel Knievel successful jump 1975, flying over 14 Greyhound buses. Reaching a speed of 95 mph as he took off from the start, Knievel sailed 133 feet in length. It was his most successful jump to date, besting his previous attempt of 13. The jump set a world record that remained unbroken for 24 years.

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