#696 | Chris Rock's Live Netflix Special & Creed III Punches Big in Theatres – DGTS

Grass City

33:36 – Show Start 1:31:16 – Fan Submissions 2:01:18 – Opening the Doors to the Insane Asylum (Comments & Super Chats) 696 …

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  1. I can't believe 5 Guy's wasn't at the top of that burger list either! I'm glad B-Real mentioned them because I know they are delicious and I believe also heathier burgers versus other chains. I haven't ate there in a minute and what's funny is they are one place that I been thinking about eating at or picking up burgers from. Oh I'm so stoked about the new season of Smoke Box! I remember before the Dr. Greenthumb show that being what I had watched with B-Real thanks to my homie showing me it.

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