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  1. I made a mistake with my own puppy that had parvo. He was limp and I was not thinking clearly and had no fluids except water so I have them subcutaneous. If this didnt kill him I read in plumbs If no other option give KCL in fluids subcutaneous at 20 meq per liter. I read the measuring cup wrong and put it in 4 oz instead of 4 cups. I added too much kcl to the plain water. I can't get over it and I feel so bad. And how did I miss parvo and not take him in to get treated on day 1. I absolutely am heartbroken.

  2. Since we come from a family of medical doctors, we do have some medical knowledge so we do question the vet but most of them think we are just upstarts and we don't want to say we actually come from a family of doctors so that the vet will not mistreat our pets. One time we told the vet that we thought there should be an additional stitch for the hole in the cheek of a rescue kitten. The vet said the stitches she made were enough. Well, true enough, our concern was not unfounded since the liquid still escaped through the part of the "stitched" hole. There were other cases that we noticed things were not done properly but vets tend to think they are gods just like medical doctors (we should know about medical doctors LOL).

  3. My ex vet killed my cat. He was 16 and needed a tooth extraction. I noted from a previous procedure that he was too sedated after the procedure, taking 4 hours to wake up and 2 days to normalize. I asked the vet to NOT use ketamine AND gas. The vet agreed to only use gas. When I went to pick up my kitty up he was comatose and they would not let me evaluate him. They said he stroked out during the procedure and would never wake up again. They asked permission to euthanizen him, to which I said no. I'm not proud of my behavior but no one would tell me what type of sedation he had and no one would let me see him. I bullied my way into the back to find my boy in a coma. I obtained his records. He was given Ketamine and gas, just like they said they would not do.

  4. Thank you Dr Jones for all info. I really am. scared to take my new/old rescue to the vet. I know it too is a business and it drives me nuts as to how damn quick Drs want to shove pills and cut our pets up to. Fulfill their greediness. What happened to the ol farm Dr who would tell you ti try something at home first?

  5. Right on Obama’s even Trump Doctors are the most devious, sometimes vets don’t like question either they get upset 😡 when asked things it’s hard because funds are limited that’s why I watch this vet, money is every Day hardship

  6. My vet gave me this med, when my dog, who's10, was diagnosed with diabetes And he still is very sick, it's been 2 months… The vet said along with diabetes, he has allergies and his feet are always very red, swollen, he licks his paws until he bleeds
    So the vet said he was giving me a med that's 10 times better and stronger than benadryl.
    I decided to look the med up at home, the med was so expensive
    They gave me 14 pills, to take 2 every 12 hours!!
    It cost 100$ for 14 pills And 2 pills every 12 hours was not realistic for me to keep buying
    So i looked the med up at home, it is an immune suppress drug
    Why on earth would they tell me allergy meds and give my very sick, newly diagnosed with diabetes dog, something to inhibit his immune system
    Doesn't he need his immune system functional at full strength?
    He's not very well at all, he's been getting treatment for 2 mos. But his blood sugar tests are still 550-600.
    Humulin N he's on his start dose was 10units. With no improvement
    They said he has ketoacidosis
    And a swollen pancreas, high liver enzymes
    And now he's up on 30 Units of humulin. And still, 550-600 sugar. And he's still drinking excessively, he's just so lethargic too
    Also, his hind legs are weak. The muscles. 2 months ago he was incredibly strong, rear leg muscles
    But in only 2 mos. Its just gone

  7. hi sir! this week i saw into my dogs eyes are little white, like cloudy not to much ,,, then next day i go to doctor he told me that my dog has blood broblum because of ticks ,,, he gave me medicine "RONAXAN 100mg" 2 .5 tablets every day with food for 28 days… i gave one day at night that medicine and next day in morning left side of dogs nose started drops of blood… i go to the doctor again he told me not to worry.. its not a big problum… because of tick goes inside of nose.. but there is no tick in the dogs nose… is there a eyes infection "panna' problum or a blood problum? what i do? please help … i am so worried about my dog…

  8. I really appreciate all your videos. I first came across them a few days ago when my dog started hacking lick crazy and I thought she had a collapsed trachea. Turns out it was kennel cough (lucky me) This video actually brings up a concern I've had with my vet. My female dog Karma has been acting really strange with her bathroom habits. It almost seems like it hurts for her to urinate. I've brought her in twice to see if the vet could figure out what was wrong. The first time I brought her in the vet said it was probably because she had had puppies 3 months earlier and not to worry about. The second time I requested that they do a urine test. This proved to be impossible because my dog is a rescue and terrified of people, so when they tried to stick the needle in she pee'd all over the table lol. What really bothered me was on the third visit to the vet (this time to be spayed) I specifically requested that he do the urine test while she was asleep. He said that was an excellent idea and he would be sure to do it. When I went to pick her up he mentioned nothing about the test. When I asked about it he said "oh her bladder was empty" He suggested that I just wait and see because things might settle down now that she's spayed. It feels to me like the vets are simply not taking my concerns seriously. After watching your video I think it's about time that I bring her to another vet for a second opinion! 

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