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  1. Vasiline doesn't help wounds heal tho. It doesn't contain anything to help the process. Instead it makes it become infected or generally get worse.
    I use a bit of neosporin instead because it contains stuff that helps healing along. It tends to work much better. At least this is my experiences with it.

  2. i used the pain natural treatment you talked about for my dog who can't walk. she had so much pain but really the curcumine and the harpagophytum and cbd worked so well. i give her also colloidal sylver against urinary infection. she can't walk and i am not sure she will but at least now we can try to use a troller for dog. i made one. it needs some adjustment but i guess she liked the fact she could take a walk outside again. so thank you for your good advice.
    i have a lot of cats and dogs but not enough money for all the vet expenses so some of your advice help me for the small stuff. or for the following treatment after the vet. but most of all when they give me some killing medecin like metacam; i don't understand why they continue to use this stuff! it gives pancreatite any time!

  3. the drugstore don't want to sale me kesium 62.5 and clavobay 50 without going to the vet and i can't afford to go to the vet, but my cat has a tooth problem. she had already two surgery for that. but the bacteria came back and so she don't want to eat anymore. it just start, so i want to take this earlier. what naturel remedie can i give her. i have in my pharmacy colloidal sylver, and cbd for cat in pills, but i don't have amoxicilin and in my country (france) it isn't given without a vet order. I have also Chlorine dioxyde and dymethysulfoxyde. and esential oil like cloves. what can i give her to heal her?

  4. Thanks for the Otrivin tip, I’ve never heard of that. I have a cat with chronic rhinitis and his congestion gets bad when he flares up. I’ll definitely try it!

    Just one thing though, with a google search I found that it’s not for long term use. Just short term periods because it causes dependency in humans. So I’ll definitely try it but I’ll make sure not to use it for more than a week or so.

    Thanks again!

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