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  1. What about Corn? I am disappointed that many vets sell Royal Canin and, from my uneducated understanding of ingredients….it appers to be as bad as some of those cheap pet food products sold in grocery stores!

  2. Dr Jones – I read your Dog Foods Special Report and have been making my dog food with the recipes in it. However this video says rice is not good because of Arsenic. So what do I use in it's place?? Supposedly potatoes are not good either, as they were one of the ingredients to avoid in dog food in the DCM scare.

  3. Thank you so much for your informative info and knowledge that you are passing on to us.. It's unbelievable as to the amount of poisons in animal and human foods that the agencies allow…. strange that we are actually paying them to infect us and our animals…. somehow we the people must stop all this nonsense….
    Again, Thank You.

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