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  1. Not at all surprised to find you are loads of fun. (Big Smile) Awe sweet Louis. Is he an Awesome American Lab. Hi Gussy
    A question Dr. We have communicated regarding my Luke's (American Lab) hyper reactivity. You gave some great suggestions which we a presently trying. You mention the green tea supplement. I have a product called Recovery S A that I gave to my Goldie Ginger for arthritis. I was just reading the ingredients and I see that it has green tea in it. Luke is in 16 months old. is this a healthy way to introduce green tea into his life. Or are all the other ingredients harmful if not needed. We very much appreciate your time and attention Dr. Jones. I lost one dog and almost lost Luke to Vets who did not listen or care in till it was time to to add things on to my bill. Bitter, yup. peace and you look "Pretty in Pink"

  2. You have some great points for a fun and SAFE Halloween. Keep 'em calm… Nice duds, Dude. "Oh what funny things are seen!" You keep a smile on my face! Love Gussie and Lewis' attitude. "Black cats, broomstick riders, mice and rats!" Happy Halloween!!

  3. You are silly-funny😘. Thank u for tips. Please also remind people festivities with fireworks🎉. Very scary for pets. I have seen fires due to pets and candles too.
    Love your Hawaiian dress aka Muumuu.

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