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  1. After my puppy had her very first vaccination she started getting red itchy skin and suffering fur loss. She is 2 years old now. I have cut out all grain, chicken, beef, known allergens, feeding her only salmon or sardine and sweet potato based tray food, but she still has itchy skin. I give her a Piriton antihistamine every day and omega oil supplement which has calmed it down a bit. Im sure the vaccine compromised her immune system.

  2. We have dairy goats, poultry, two dogs, and a cat. There are not many vets in our area that will work on our dairy goats-apparently there is way more money treating all the horses and pure breeds of dogs/cats. In all our years we found one excellent vet, and one really good one. The excellent vet knew we were dirt poor and at times he would not charge us saying "I'll knick you folks next time" but he never did. He always helped us take care of our animals, & never tried to upsell us. A true angel, rest in peace Doc we will never forget you.

  3. I recently had my life long vet retire. I had been given my current dog by him. Annual health check ran me around $35.00. so I found a vet and made an appointment in April. Knowing it would be more expensive I saved up $450.00 just in case. Took the families two dogs in. They were taken away for twenty minutes together and we were given two obscenely expensive tiny medicines and a bill due NOW for $652.00. I was urged to spend another $500.00 and then $250.00 per month for the rest of the year. I am on a very tight budget. This was devastating news. If anything bad happens to my dog I will have to put him down.

  4. Glad I found you. Made me smile about questioning the vet. THEY DON'T LIKE YOU ASKING QUESTIONS. I refuse booster vac but there is a vet who insists I should vac every year. This is their bread and butter money. He tells me I could could die. I refuse to see him now. Guess what he is the manager. I think money is playing an important part in his diagnosis.

  5. My kind of guy !! Good old fashioned common sense. I’ve been a dog breeder for forty years. 9 times out of 10 all these vet tests and special diet are unnecessary. Of course we need vets. But in moderation . I stopped vaccinating years ago . My dogs get wormed once a year flead once of twice a year. Any stomach upsets no food for 48 hours then boiled chicken and rice for a few days and they are usually good to go. Just good old common sense in most cases. Unfortunately for many owners common sense isn’t very common.

  6. Being a Vet is a license to print money. As he said, it is a business and they milk it for all it’s worth. My old dog was sick, and he went to the Vet multiple times. He was kept in multiple times for test after test. Hugely expensive and stressful for him. They gave him more and more medications, and he got sicker. I researched his symptoms on Google and told the Vet what I thought his problem was. He agreed to test for it, and confirmed I was right. By this time, my precious boy was dying, and I had to make that dreadful decision to end his suffering. Obviously, animals do need help sometimes if their symptoms are severe, but I can’t help thinking that it has become more about making money than genuine care for sick animals.

  7. I use Amber Naturals herbal tinctures from Utah. I've saved so many animals lives with their products integrated with sensible hydration and super nutrients. Exercise, lots of it, minimal vaccines, lots of homemade food, praise, and tons of love. Your dogs and cats are angels put in your path to teach you. Discounting them as houseplants and constantly feeding them cheap garbage pet food from pet manufacturers who put "unfit for human ingredients" into these fancily packaged dog foods is a sure way to see future misery and thousands of dollars wasted. Read the book "food pets die for". Commercial foods for dogs are composed of diseased dead decomposed animals, including other dogs. The industry is basically entirely unregulated. Recalls occur only after hundreds of animals are sickened horribly.

  8. I'm cool with no vaccines but how do you register your dog if it hasn't had a rabies shot? 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Towards the end of my pups life we forgoed vax the last 3 years.
    And the vet didn't even know healthy food, he called it fancy and unnecessary 🤦‍♀️. But he was selling Purina in his office.

  9. Took my dog to a lake, she got super excited jumping up and down, got her front nail caught on my buttons holes…bleeding all over the shirt.. as a overly concerned parent, took her to a vet. While being examined, she was showing her displeasure by doing her wild movements, dangling nail chipped off on its own, $300 bill concluded nail incident… still $300 for nail broke off on its own…

  10. Big Pharma also applies to veterinary practices. Its more-so about making profits to them than taking care of pets. The Injection shot regime plays a large part in causing health issues which can be profited from just like in humans. Dr Paul Thomas released data showing his patients without the childhood shots were much healthier and without adhd or autism

  11. There are a plethora of clinics in my area. I've been to a few of them and never really had bad experiences. There are big clinics with the pet hospitals to tiny farm vets who charge very little. There are even some that advertise as holistic and doggie chiropractors. If you're able I'd shop around just like you would for your own doctors.

  12. Sorry you retired, things progress very slowly in human medicine, and apparently in animal medicine too. My little 5 year old mini-dachshund just had a huge fast growing cancerous tumor removed from her right hip..only ONE vet was honest enough to tell me that it almost certainly was caused by her last rabies shot 4 months ago.

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