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  1. We r fantastically blessed to have a vet who believes in raw feeding, doesn’t believe in giving vaccines after their first two yrs, believes in all the natural remedies first before prescription meds, is extremely open to me suggesting tests I feel may be prudent, and doesn’t put my theories down simply bc I chose not to go to vet school. She’s worth her weight in gold, and we will nvr see a vet (once she stops practicing) who isn’t open to all the things she’s been open to. Vets can work with u or against u – it’s so worth the work to find one that works WITH u!

  2. Actually my vet is right out of school,bought our retiring vets practice and loathes holistic vets. She hasn’t made much money off of us because we research everything. And our old vet would give us numerous suggestions on how to save money with over the counter meds which the new vet doesn’t. And the hard sell on the crap food she pushes is actually driving people away,it’s a small town and word travels fast here. It’s a farming community here and if you work with the people instead of fighting them,you might get further ahead in life.

  3. 15 years ago, I probably would've done whatever my vet, or human doctor, for that matter, said. Not anymore. The respect and trust of the medical community for both animals and humans has been pretty much destroyed in the last three years and we all know why.

  4. My vet doesn't like that I feed Raw, but I told him I was going to do it, I've been doing it for 15 years, he doesn't say a word to me. I have heard him yell at other people about it, but he won't say a word to me because my animals are healthy.
    I believe in vaccinations in the first year of life. But after that, I think they only need vaccines every five years or even 10 years or maybe not anymore at all. My vet is good about not giving my old dogs and cats vaccines. And of course I do the rabies one because it is required by law every three years.

  5. My friends daughter wanted to be a veterinarian, so she volunteered at a vet clinic for a couple months. She changed her mind about being a vet. She hated the owners. The animals were great. The people were idiots. She decided she couldn't do it.

  6. In apparent disagreement with many of the folks here, I am lucky enough to have a vet I trust for my 2yo dachshund-pitbull as well as my 14yo cat. The entire office is staffed with caring, considerate, animal loving professionals.

  7. Had to take my dog to vet for an eye issue (possible scratch). I had already decided not to rush into another rabies vax, because she had 1 the year before and also all the puppy shots. I read the rabies one should last 3 or more years. The vet said she wouldn't look at my dog's eye unless I let her give her the vax, so out of desperation I let her. Our county requires it yearly regardless of what the data says, and vet didn't want to do a titer.🤦🏼‍♀️

  8. My vet was telling me Purina was the way to go. Nope! I’m sticking to raw and my boy is thriving. Yes the place I adopted him from the Humane Society gives you a complimentary bag of Purina…ohhh the diarrhea was ridiculous for months, slowly switched to raw and small solid poops. Smaller because he’s absorbing the nutrients.

  9. Hi Dr. Jones, I have already done a few of these with pretty much the responses you gave. So how do you handle the vaccine question. The vet always brings up that my pets are behind on their vaccinations. What is a good way to let them know I don't want to vaccinate my pets ? They do look at you like your a bad and crazy pet parent. Our lab cross just caught her self on something out side and laid her hip and leg wide open. When I took her to the vet the tech was like she HAS to have her rabies. I said what if I don't want her to ?? She flat out ignored me and didn't answer me. Then she said about the 5 way and I told her no. If it had not been an emergency I would have said no thank you to the rabies shot too, but she made it sound like they would not treat her if she didn't have it. Thank you for all you do !!! Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to you and your family !!

  10. I adopted a husky recently and brought him in to my previous vet who was so wonderful. I wanted to vaccinate for lepto which she happily did. She recommended heart worm check since he was a stray and we weren't aware of his previous travel, if any, which we did and came back negative. She said we have a near 0 incident rate in our area but still sent him home with a dewormer as it can take months after exposure. After discussing risk and benefits we decided that giving him a dose and recheck in 6 and 12 months was best course. You are taking your pet to see a doctor and like with any qualified medical professional it should be an open discussion about the risks and benefits of any treatment or preventative therapy. You likely know your dog or cat better than the veterinarian but the veterinarian is an expert in health care so listen to their advice with an open mind. They want the best quality of life for your animals just like you do.

  11. Yeah, and there are side effects and risks to getting DISEASE too. I lived when there was no vaccine for Parvo. I remember what it was like. Shame on you. There are Risks to waking up in the morning. You are not presenting the risks truthfully. What you said is pure nonsense.

  12. DOES ANYONE KNOW ANY GOOD VETERINARIANS IN HOUSTON TX? I take my two dogs and one cat to Banfield. Recently after my cat had a uti/small bladder stones i realized They’re only really good for routine check ups and vaccines. I want to get more educated on my pets health but feel like im going insane with all of the contradictory things on the Internet.

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