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  1. Great barbecue needs no sauce. It's the Texas way. Sauce is a way to cover up bad barbecue. Always get sauce on the side so you know. If a place puts the sauce on the meat for you, it's bad barbecue.

    The only exception is if they use the sauce during the actual cooking process.

  2. I always enjoy the Star Wars talk as I have become more of a fan of what the Star Wars universe has to offer after seeing the new shows C-Minus. You definitely were the dude among the crew filling in for B to host the show today! I also enjoyed the conversation about Bartz secret weapon and vegan food versus what humanity has been eating for years. I feel the same about as you guys do about the vegan scene. You guys rock and I'm glad to see you back on YouTube!

  3. Foo’s being surprised how BBQ sauce is made 😮😮😂
    Always dope with C Minus holding it down with the crew
    Try starting with the old Star Wars films and work your way to the new ones, the way they were released 🫡

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