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  1. My cat just got diagnosed with polycythemia Vera. But I can’t afford all of the blood treatment. I’m going to keep going with the hydroxyurea but is there any sort of at home treatments to try and help? I can’t find much online about it since it’s so rare in cats

  2. Garlic is toxic to cats. It can kill them! Don't use it! I'd suggest talking to your vet before giving your dogs garlic too because it is toxic to them also. Please do your own research on this everyone.

  3. I was told honey could cause kidney failure if I gave to much to my cats so I got scared and stopped giving it to him. Is this true Dr. Jones? I put organic coconut oil on my cat when he scratches himself bad. I feed feral cats too and 2 of the colony lets me pet them now and when the male got in a fight and hurt his ear bad I kept rubbing it on his ear and his ear was healed in a week. They are all fixed too. I keep coconut oil in my house.

  4. Yes It apple cider vinegar works very well for weight loss for dogs anyway. I originally started giving my dog apple cider vinegar in his food for his UTI problem only to realize he was also losing weight as well. The vet was originally giving me slack and saying my dog was overweight needs to be on their weight loss food. I didn't want to change his diet because I just salved his allergie problem chicken, and what did that weight loss dog food contain chicken. Anyway I did a little research on other uses for ACV found it was not only good for utl but weight loss as well. I didn't put him on any antibiotics for the UTII just did a urine test to see if he still had the UTI he was not just cleared of the UTI but when they put him on the scale they said Holy smokes he's been losing weightas well what have you been doing differently. I just said I never changed his food he gets the same food he's been getting and same amount of food and walking distance a day. So ya I can safely say ACV works very well for weight management in dogs. And it's great when something natural kills 2 problems in one and it surprises the hell out of my Vet who is kinda stubborn when it comes to listening about natural remedies.

  5. Thank you for all you share with us cutie pie! I live in the country in eastern canada and i have 2 cats, one is 13 and one is 8, they go outside and are spayed and neutered. This year for the first time they had ticks on their necks, in autumn, we used to live up north ontario and there was no flees or ticks there. What to do since i dont want to get what the vet gives to put on their necks every month, i am sure it poisons them,

  6. I’m wondering what to do for small dogs who often have dental problems. Having a dental done is extremely expensive and some dogs or cats won’t allow brushing. What do you recommend?

  7. The honey. Orally or on the hot spots? My dogs got infected with mange, when I brought a stray puppy home. So did I. HELP! Also, people recommended natural yoghurt, but did not say whether I should rub it into the skin, or apply it orally.

  8. Dr. Jones I clicked on your FB link and it brought me to a Spanish language page (onlinevet) that uses whats app. Is that the correct page? By the way thank you for all of your wonderful advice.

  9. Can u help with cat food I could make at home?
    Also, wearing a flea collar after using topical applied weeks earlier. IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN RUB ON CAT? IVE BEEN brushing bitten areas with baking soda, it helps. He has plenty of water as it is salty. Thank you. I watch u often, for cat info.😊

  10. Hi, my senior cat has been itching really intensively, I suspect a flea bite allergy. I verified for fleas and I haven't seen any on her, but I have other cats that may carry one or two from outside. I've been using homeopathic allergy medecine that seem to help calm her down. At least when she sleeps more she is not self inflicting wounds. But I wish it would resolve. She's had a reaction like this before but she was only 8yrs at the time. Now she's past 18 yrs so it seems to take longer to resolve.

  11. Thank you so much for informing us of these practical remedies. With vetinary fees skyrocketing, I will be trying some of them out as my pooches have periodic ear infections and upset tummies. Blessings and peace ✌️ 🙏💕💕

  12. Curcumin is the actual substance that is the anti-inflammatory that's in Tumeric . ln humans , fresh ground black peppercorns is NEEDED for absorption of Curcumin so of no use .
    Further, even for humans Tumeric can also cause problems….

    Garlic – can also cause kidney, gall, bladder stones etc and uncomfortable gass. Even humans can have skin reactions from the juice when in contact with raw cloves – rashes / blistering.

    As for Coconut – oil liquid when warm and solid when cold. If it clogs up human arteries with cholesterol, obviously the same with dog, cats etc…

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