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  1. I was skeptical about the show being pre-recorded when I first saw, but aye, they are on tour and on the level about it.
    Not like a bait and switch getting us hooked on the livestream just to bail. Respect the drive and hustle after 50 fucking years of doing it

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  3. There's 12 pitches in western music, but if you get into eastern music they have microtones that are in-between our intervals in the western world.
    That's funny you bring up Vanilla Ice and Ice Ice Baby. I was listening to kool keith last night and realized not only is the background music ripped from queen, Vanilla Ice also ripped the vocal melody from kool keith in the Ultramagnetic MC's song Kooth Keith Housing Things.

    My best friends aunt was also the dancer in the Ice Ice Baby music video lol

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