#854 | Rapper Chevy Woods Talks Melting on Mushrooms, New Album, +More – The Dr. Greenthumb Show

THC University

00:00 – Lounge 34:36 – Show 1:32:36 – Submissions 2:00:32 – Opening the Doors to the Insane Asylum (Comments & Super …

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  1. I remember having a bad trip last year taking mushrooms idk how much grams but it was a small hand full and I clearly remember portals opening in my house to another dimension and inside the portals were pitch black and there’s was a bunch of them popping up out of no where and each individual portal was a different size, the trees are melting and I felt like I when I was watching tv at the time trying to calm my self I clearly remember the tv people directly talking to me and it felt like they repeated words also my it was hard to breath and my heart was racing also when I took a breath it sounded like the ocean also remember what sounded like a dog getting hurt it made a dog crying screech sound and the dog barking, the dogs barks had echos to them and my skin looked so saturated and everything around me it was like my skin was a orange color and at first when I started having the bad trip it felt like the walls were closing in on me like there was the real wall first then a second layer wall that would move closer all around but the opacity of the secondary wall that was closing in was half the opacity, meaning you could see through it but it was there also the colors of the visuals in the bad trip were all red dark green colors or scary colors ig but I’m never doing shrooms again because of this one experience also I smoked weed with it which probably made me have a bad trip but I felt happy and I was in a good mindset also the bong I smoked to smoke the weed out of, everytime I’d used the same bong for a week or more I would have low grade mushroom effects including (lights being more intense, small moving visuals on the wall like it was breathing, and after traces of my hand when moving) also gave me really bad on and off anxiety for about 2 weeks

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