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  1. Really wish you explained the process a bit more in depth. For someone brand new to rosin, it’d be helpful to know what is possible with the Nugsmasher Pro alone. Can I take it to those temps in the Nugsmasher after already getting the rosin out to make diamonds or sauce?

  2. all good until they got to the piece of equipment which test based on taking a picture. Bullshit thc tester. real chemography test or it's fake. what that machine does is takes a high-resolution picture and compares with other items in its database and if it looks like a match it gives you that thc %. it's total nonsense. lab test or its nonsense. SCLABS or Analytical 360 are trusted labs. you should do a comparison video with lab test vs that machine.

  3. FUCKING AWESOME !!!! Me and my wife are willing to get one but we simply cant affort it ;(( We have tried so many companys to get one here in Holland but no one reacted … Why dont they have a deal that we can pay it here or four times ? The machine is way to much but we do need it .. Now we do BHO but thats way to dangerous also … Is there. Any other way that we can get us one of the home style models ? Hooe you can help or to help us to buy a second hand version… Peace 🙂

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