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  1. SOOOOOO glad for these tutorials. I took a large towel and did that lift on back end for our 15 yr. Border Collie mix, "Westleigh" …….. He died last Dec. 2018. I will keep this large durable bag idea in the back of my mind. It is great with the handles. when they need a lift, they are heavier than you can imagine. Look on line and you will find all kind of expensive 'lift' ideas. These practical ways are a God Send. Our Mom used to say, 'what? do you think I am growing $$$ under my arms?" Ha. Good Days, Dr. Jones.

  2. Dr. Jones, thank you! I love my new puppy (Lab/St. Bernard Mix) of 15 weeks, but I can't afford to spend money at a Vet to learn what health ailment is okay and what is not. Don't get me wrong, I'll spend what is needed to keep my dog healthy and safe. But, I don't run to the doctor for every pain, cough, upset stomach, etc. I have because I know what warrants extra concern and what doesn't. You are not only helping me to save money (as I have very little) because I have most of the things you recommended in my cabinets, but you are also saving me the stress of unnecessary worry about the well being of my puppy. You really are teaching me a lot about my dog's health and I sincerely appreciate it. Thank you again!

  3. My dog itches his ears from time to time. I treat it with frontline ear soother and it seems to carm him down after a day. What i noticed though is when he is excited he looses control of his rear legs. My vet has found no physical symptoms, blood test was perfect, hydration perfect etc. He has just recently injured his rear right leg but its been 10 days possible cramp or trapped nerve and that seems to of gone now (Putting his weight back on his leg again). The orthopedic found nothing and said he was a mystery. Im wondering if ear allergies are causing his leg spasms. I can walk him around the block and he walks like a puppy. He is a 7 year old lab.


  4. Congratulations on 100 k subscribers 🎂🍾! It was about 48 k when I joined and I'm still looking forward to your weekly videos 🙂. Thanks for all the info and sharing your knowledge.

  5. Dr. Jones, I have a 5 year old cat that is allergic to dye. I give her wet food, but also dry, Crave. Most of the time she's fine. But every now and then she'll vomit her dry food up. I've looked for other dry foods without dye in it, but have a hard time finding some. Is there anything you recommend that might help her from vomiting up her dry food? Thanks. Great podcast.

  6. Dr jones….. i saw a video of a dog covered in lice. I thought lice couldnt survive without human blood…..

    We had human lice infestation n my daughter sleeps with her toy poodle everynight…. can the poodle get her lice…. she has been scratching a lot more but she has dry skin. Please help…. do i need to remove the dog for a few days from the bed? Shes up to date with her monthly flea n tick treatment….n ive checked for ticks n fleas n i dnt see any…..but she is a black poodle. Since seeing the video of dog infested with lice….. now it has me wondering. Please help

  7. Hi Dr. Jones. I just recommended your channel to a Facebook Group called SAGroup (Sebaceous Adenitis in Dogs). I have done some posts about how I successfully halted symptoms of Secaceous Adenitis in my Standard Poodle. I have gotten so many positive responses but also some not so good ones. Most of the negative thoughts on the subject have come from Canada. I thought you could relate to that. At any rate I think that anyone interested is helping dogs will love your channel.

  8. Can you recommend a good supplement, vitamin, for my diabetic 9 yr old (mastiff x shepherd) ?
    He runs high, blood sugar, he's on 50U Humulin-N q12
    A supplement and I think where his having issues with digestion, often times he'll vomit and it will be 15 hours after he ate. But it will look completely undigested. As if he just ate. I was wondering about probiotics, if that would benefit him. And any suggestions on the best delivery of probiotics?
    Tablets, like pills, I've seen those, or is there a good food that would be Better?
    And I want to get him on a daily, nutrition, vitamin supplements program. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  9. thank you for taking the time and effort to share these hacks with us Dr. Jones. May I call you Andrew? Just thought I would share what happened with my dog. He is a food myster. He found, while out walking, a sandwich in a plastic baggie, and ate the whole thing, bag and all. I didn't dare try to get it from him, because trying to take any food away from Marty is a no no and I learned that the hard way as he bit me once and it was a bad bleeding bite, however, I was worried about the plastic bag being in his stomach. Would you believe that about 2 weeks later at the kitchen door on the floor was the vomited baggie, still in it's original shape. I was quite thankful it came up, cause I couldn't afford a stomach operation.

  10. Is there a hack for dogs that have cataracts..or is it inevitable that she would require surgery? sorry if i misspelled it..my Pomeranian seems to be blind as a bat and I've had to teach her words in order to guide her around..

  11. Iol….I'm sorry Dr Andrew but i always focus on cutie Tula as soon as the videos start and miss what you say!!!! I can't help it, she's toooo cute but a least i watch the video again 2-3 times to hear and see your demonstrations. great info!!!!!! thank you for all you do for the pet parents and the social community….may the Lord continue blessing your ministry because it is a ministry when we do good for others and God's little animals! 👍👍👍🐶🐕 🐱👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍

  12. Dr. Jones, (this is kind of embarrassing) but here it goes, Molly always smells the area where she's been sitting and sometimes she will lick it and then her mouth starts to quiver (at times)?? Is she leaking & licking some sort of discharge??

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