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  1. If you are useing a cian keep yourself from calaps on the ground and smokeing marijuana  and cannabis  then you dont need it others may calaps without the a cain when from cannabis and marijuana  end up the hospital even they are wareing a medical  id on them with real issue like allergies  and allergic how a person feel in that of way doesnt matter what age that you are would you like to see that child to happen that way ?

  2. Weed infused dinners are kinda cringe. Only boomers and weirdo hippies think thats cool. Just smoke a joint and go to a 5 star restaurant

  3. I think NORML Attorneys should go to Wisconsin and help us out with simply legalizing everything for both recreational and medical use so that way it's not either one or the other it would be both that's what we're struggling with now in Wisconsin because lawmakers and state legislators can't seem to come to an agreement on this topic and it just keeps getting worse and bounced around so I highly doubt Wisconsin will ever be legal for weed ever at the rate it's going now even on YouTube there's hardly any information about it other than 6 to 9 months ago and it's starting to really become bothersome not only for myself but several Wisconsinites as well that are stoners so I'm hoping somebody sees this comment and does something about it‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  4. I thought this looked a bit pretentious at first, but it just wasn't. At all. Boy would i love to visit Owl Farm… but, ALAS! can never visit the US of A because of, lets say, YOUTHFUL INDISCRETIONS that immigration aint too fond of… bloody shame

  5. This is the reason I love being born and raised in Colorado. Not just for marijuana legalization, but because us native Coloradoans are outgoing, yet weird. We're the type to have social anxiety yet be approachable. We're the type to peacefully protest while the world is burning. Colorado is a living breathing definition of true freedom and what freedom could be. Colorado, I'll always love you, no matter how many stoner tourists move into your walls, because even I myself coming from you know I'm just another stoner tourist, passing through on my way to the next wave.

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