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  1. I was like why does this have so many negative clicks then they put the nuggets in and was like ohhhhhhhh … Like did they munch on the bud nuggets 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤭

  2. Something about two white girls wasting weed cause it’s cool and legal while inmates are locked up for petty weed charges seems so out of touch 🥺 even tho this is old I hate seeing shit like this thanks racism mixed with capitalism

  3. people so mad cause they can use weed like that and they cant lol. i grow weed and i have bags of weed that i was too lazy to trim just sitting there lol. can make so many things with it but i already did…

  4. So instead of cooking the actual nugs with the kernels, grind out the weed and steep in melted butter over night in an oven @ 150 degrees. Make sure you strain, and pour the thc infused butter over popcorn. These ladies were definitely high on something

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