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  1. But…but…
    But Joe Bastianich said in Masterchef Junior that you should never put salt on your risotta afterward you have made it. He said only in the beginning because you get your salt from the shallots and onions or whatever.
    You put salt and pepper on the risotta last

  2. She is such a legend of Italian cooking. I could listen to her describe dishes and recipes all day long. Perfect mix of authenticity and passion for sharing food that anyone can create.

  3. As an asian here, can I just ask what exactly a risotto is? Lookin at it and its steps, I can only see it as a congee 粥, like the thick kind, not the soupy one

  4. What happened to the shredded beets? Did they get added, when did they get added, do they need to be hot like the wine and the stock when you add them to the risotto (funny they don't mention that). I love this woman, a lot of my Italian cooking comes from her, but the lack of information makes this a half ass master class.

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