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  1. this was the best episode for me. ♥ i love the tag team with the women cooking. this is the secret to a healthy world. this will be the key to the golden age. thanks Abdullah and happy soul release or born day. 🔥we where all born in2 this world not birthed to it. ⚡C Ya Soon and i had the same idea and i overjoyed you beat me to it.😀 Now i gotta try something new. 🤔 Thank Abdullah for proving the concept will work. 👍🏾 Yor Threw a Precious Pebble in 2 the Food Pond. 👏🏾 🙏🏾

  2. Aromatics are cool but we ate all just going to pretend like theres absolutely NO seasoning on the chicken?! THEN lick the wet rub after u rubbed it all over rhe raw meat?! Naaahhhh straight wildin… Just bc you use a lot of weed, that doesnt substitute for well prepared and cooked food.

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