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  1. We just cannot forget them. They live short lives, and we want to enjoy every experience that is good, and in this case share to help someone possibly, those trying experiences are so hard; Look at the even shorter span of life of our dogs. Thanks, Dr. Jones.

  2. So sorry about Gussie. I saw the following video 1st.
    We do have an obligation to do what is best for our pets and not us. And we do know when the times comes to let them go. I believe you did the best thing for Gussie. You will always have Gussie with you in your heart. I have found that all my Pets, rescues, and thise I am blessed to work with have all given me so much more than I given them.
    God bless and my condolences to you and your family.
    I pray for the day when all animals are loved like Gussie was and not looked at as dispisable creatures that subhumans throw them in kill shelters simply because they no longer want them.
    Sadly, Animals are so much better than most humans are today.
    Gussie looks similar to my 20 year old cat Caress. Wach daycwe have with those we love is a gift. Never take anyone you love for granted.

  3. sniff  gosh,,  Gussie so lucky to have such a wonderful family..  warm hugs,, deepest sympathy. Thank you for doing this video at this sensitive time for you with Gussie,  as it does help many of us who really do not know what to look for at this tender time we all face with our beloved pets.  Blessings

  4. Dr. Jones. I had an almost 20-year old cat named Squishy. She was the most remarkable cat I've ever had. She has Feline Diabetes for about 12 of those 20-years. Everyday my son or I gave her an insulin shot between the shoulder blades. One day when my son was away at university she came stumbling out of his room like a drunken soldier. I immediately gave her Corn Syrup to see if she could bounce back long enough to get her to her vet. Unfortunately when I arrived, our vet tried her very best to level out her sugars, but it was just Squishys time to exit. The vet let me hold her and Squish purred until the very end. My vet actually named her!next cat "Squishy" – in honor of our wonderful cat. You're a super guy, keep up the awesome work and thank you so very much for your incredible videos. If Gussie doesn't make it, maybe she'll be chillin' out w/Squishy on the other side. Sorry Dr Jones and family. Cheers Mate.

  5. It's always heartbreaking to have to make a decision like this. We know the outcome, they don't understand what's going to happen. I completely understand "the quality of life". Knowing she is 20 years old, means to me she has had a long life. My thoughts are with you and your family. 😢😢😭

  6. she had a smash of a life! it's actually a comfort to me that we don't have to let our animals suffer…however, it is always sad to say goodbye. my condolences 🙁

  7. my heart goes out to you! I lost my geriatric cat this past summer so I'm thinking of you. she too didn't move much….she stayed in a "safe" spot and seemed very confused. mine didn't have end stages of renal failure but she had thyroid and heart trouble and had what i call pre -renal failure. thoughts are with you!!

  8. What a great pal you have been able to share life with for the past 20 years! Gussie's been a mentor to me. Lewis and Gussie, two seniors in their golden years, together! Your compassion and tenderness, providing the best for THEM, is a help and reminder: "We all need someone to love and care for us." Hugs to all the family, especially Gus-Gus. xoxo

  9. I am so sorry to hear this about Gussie, Dr Jones. I know what you are going through. We have an 18 year old male cat that is going down hill although there are no real medical problems, just less quality of life and its a hard call to make. I thought we were there the other day but then for no reason he perked back up and started eating and moving briskly around when it came to eating time so we are on hold again and that complicates the decision because next time we get ready everyone will be remembering that he was like this and then got fine again. I know you love Gussie and love is what direct us.

  10. Dr. Jones, I'm very sorry. It's never easy to take that decision, but Gussie had a good life and love. I hope you find peace soon… you will see her again…. the feelings you have for her, will keep her always close to you.

  11. This is the time all of us pet owners know is inevitable. But at least we are able to do the humane thing when we know it's time to do so. It's unfortunate that we humans are unable to receive the same end of life dignity in so many cases. Gussie won the lottery when she came to live with you and your family. I will miss seeing her in your videos. Laurie

  12. I'm so sorry doctor. My heart breaks for you and your family. Tomorrow my vet is coming over after his shift to euthanize my dog Gabriel 😢💔

  13. cat food is bad for cats. canned or dry. it causes kidney failure, liver problems, g.i. problems and worst of all it causes thyroid problems and diabetes. canned food contains pbde's. your best choice is raw, chicken legs, turkey legs, dark meat contains thiamine which cats need as they don't produce it on their own. I am getting my cat tested Thursday again because now he's drinking a lot and eating a lot and only pooping every 3 days. I regret giving him a quick can of cheap food because I hadn't had the time to buy the good stuff. weaning him off all cat food now.
    it's rough losing a pet, I have lost a few cats thanks to cat food. good luck with your little booger.

  14. I can relate to what you're going through with Gussie. I had my first cat, Solomon, until he was 21. I currently have a cat, Tiger, who is 16. He's still pretty active, but he does drink a lot and use the litter box a lot too. The only difference is he wants the dry food. Is there a brand of canned food that you can recommend without me having to go buy countless cans that Tiger will just sniff and walk away or just drink the liquid and leave the rest, only for me to have to discard it??? I'd appreciate any and all suggestions. Again, very sorry for your loss. Keep us all posted. This truly makes for a bittersweet holiday and, I hope your sadness isn't too prolonged. 😢

  15. I am sorry about Gussie and for your loss of her. I've had many cats in my life and quite a few have died of old age, so I know what you are going through. I. know she had a good life with you and you can take some comfort in that.

  16. I can empathize with you Dr. Andrew, and I'm so sorry for you, and your family. My other dog was to the point I'm not eating, or drinking so I know what that means. But I thank the Lord for the time that I had with him. I will be praying for a miracle for Gussie, and comfort for you, and your family. Blessings❤😢

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