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  1. Your supplement has done wonders for my little 10 year old Minpinzu's overall health!!! I make his dog food with all organic vegetables and meat, based on one of your recipes. Thank you!!!! 💜

  2. Thank you for your video . I need to help my dogs vision . I wanted to buy your supplements for dogs . My concern is I’ve been told that any citrus whatsoever can cause violent heart attacks or seizures or death if given to dogs, cats, or rabbits . Isn’t that true ? Didn’t you say you have ( extra) vitamin C , in your supplement for dogs ? Isn’t that very dangerous for dogs ? Please help me to understand .

  3. Thank you Dr.Jones.
    Can you please tell me where I can find out
    more about your specific meds.for
    my dog ?? I see your "STORE" is empty.
    If you get a moment..
    Thank you Sir.

  4. Watched video some stuff may work my chiwahwah sorry for the misspell is healthy she is just starting cataracks can’t even see them without direct light i just want to prevent them without dosing her up with stuff what foods can I try to treat her with that I can cook just buy that would be good in preventing and beneficial or eye drops with glucose if so which brand? And I seen your vitamins I will research and see she just had urine and blood work she’s good all around no diabetes she’s just turning 12 this year so I’m trying to be on it thank you if you can help or anyone

  5. Thank you! Both of my parents dogs have cloudy looking eyes. They too have a lil black poodle he’s 14! A shiba Inu 9 yrs that has one eye that’s cloudy blue looking. Sooo grateful for your channel!

  6. Just found your eye infection video. Thank you as always. My dogs eyeballs are not infected at all, but the upper outer eyelid is, sort of looks like when my child had a stye, so I will brew a black tea tea bag, and do you think it would help if I put the Luke warm teabag on his eye, couple times a day?

  7. Good Morning Dr. Jones, you helped a great deal with my dogs "hot spots" with your tea and aspirin, and I use all the time when needed. Scruffy (my Maltese) now has an upper right outside eyelid red and a little swollen with a small amount of discharge. I wash it with warm water and soft cloth, and I put a tiny bit of Nystatin on the tip of a Q-tip and apply small thin film on top outer portion of eyelid, then I thought "oh, maybe not good, better ask Dr. Brown". So I am here asking. I went through all your videos to see if you have addressed an eye infection problem, and only saw one eye video, this one, but it's not about an infection or how to treat. Would much appreciate it if you see this and could offer some feedback. Thank You Dr. Brown, Debbie and Scruffy

  8. Hi, just overnight 7y.o. Chihuahua was looking up at me this morning and I noticed he was squinting both eyes. The left eye is cloudy. Also has been accruing small amount of white filmy discharge from eye that I am wiping away. Some mild redness in both eyes. Your opinion pls. There are two other dogs home with no problems.

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