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  1. We need to go back to prairie medicine of our gr grandparents who tended to most afflictions with equal doses of common sense and science. You are bringing back that pioneer spirit through your channel. KEEP GOING.

  2. Hello doctor my pregnant cat is bleeding 4-5 drops a day for 2 days.. She is 45 days pregnant… Is this normal? Vet said it's normal and gave her iron tonic and one more medicine… Please reply 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. I have another suggestion that does not contain petrolatum, (which is sourced from coal tar). It's called ResQOrganics. It heals ALL skin issues Incredibly! And in areas where hair has been lost due to hot spots, burns, shaving mishaps, etc, it actually helps the hair grow back quickly. I am NEVER without it!
    Also, instead of using that chemical disinfectant, I would opt to use colloidal silver, it is a natural disinfectant, & antibiotic, & it doesn't need to be rinsed off. It is also ok if animals were to lick the area where it was applied.

  4. Really praying that you create a video on how to naturally treat prostatitis and enlarged prostates. Have an English bulldog and it’s just too late to get him fixed. I also have been considering hormone treatment for him but don’t know where to even start.

  5. Hi what is the best home remedy for getting rid of flees on my dog.
    She is about 36 lbs. Mini Golden doodle. She was groomed and they said they saw 3 flees on her gave her a medicated bath to kill them. I cleaned all her bedding and vacuumed. Been spraying Apple cider vinegar on her and the house. Help!!! I don't see any around, but the could be hiding

  6. Great to know. My dogs paws gets rough especially when she gets them wet. Her feet r extra sensitive so I use mineral oil cuz it absorbs fast and I've trained her for not licking right away. The trick is to put the cone on when they try to lick. Then tell them "no licky lickies!" with a small gentle tap on nose. After five minutes take cone off and if the dog goes to lick, put the cone back on. This usually takes a bit but be persistent. Many dogs can be stubborn but u have to play the Alpha rule.

  7. Poor sweet Tula, you had to feel a little bad I'm sure😔
    Our pets are beyond dedicated to us.
    Even if it's painful 💔
    Thank you for this valuable information Dr Jones.
    I appreciate what you stand for in the veterinarian world!
    Love & Light 💛

  8. Thank you!
    I have a request 🤞
    My dog keeps having her nails “lift” off the whole top- not really splitting, just the whole top lifts off…we take your krill oil, egg yolk, bone broth, probiotic…any other suggestions? She’s 9 months, and we have lost 4 nails now.
    Thank you!!! ♥️😊

  9. Great to know! And pet parents remember to take off the bandage. I've heard of pet parents leaving vet wrap on and pets can lose their leg from bandages being left on. Remember to take them off!

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