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  1. Dam $35 bucks where do you get you stuff from. Here I the Bay area I get these abx 10mg capsules for $14. Make sure your not getting ripped off man by your local cannabis club.

  2. Just checked out your channel. Very nice channel. I especially like all the edible reviews since I can't smoke. So are these really that potent. A lot of CA companies have let me down again and again. I'm looking for that strong medicated state that a good edible is supposed to give.

  3. The San Francisco Collective I shop at has 25mg, 30 capsules. $81.50. $88.43 with tax. 5-star Price range, for the WIN!!! Thanks for the great review. It was the deciding factor in making the purchase. (tested at 27mg/cap) Peace #Pure710SF

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